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VASTU- Cafe: अब खुशियां दूर नहीं...

  • Out-station clients may send their details or existing site plan/ drawings/ brochures for final solutions through WhatsApp, courier or by Email.
  • Charges not to be paid in advance ,but only a booking amt through payment portal only.
  • You will receive rectified and final drawings within 10-15 days, subjected to our committed schedule.( Postal & visit charges extra,as applicable)

We found Mr Agarwal, as a very responsible soft hearted person with excellent command on “Vastu”. His recurring responses even after the conclusion of services was indeed inspiring. He is our family consultant now. God bless him!

Haribhai , Business Analyst, Ahmedabad

I was fortunate to come in contact with Shri Jay Agarwal, on the very crucial stage of my life, when everything was at a confusing stage and was losing all my hopes, almost down on bottom level. On the first instance, it was strange to me and at the same time very interesting to realize a  true professional like Shri Agarwal who after learning my whole case firmly refused to visit my site, even after my repeated request and my willingness in offering him desired amount of fees. His thoughts process and versions in few words   (as quoted below), were enough to define his wide stature somewhere inside his heart, hard to forget throughout my life. “Gentleman, I only charge for my genuine efforts but your case has no solutions, without changing your location. So it's worthless visiting your place and unnecessarily charging you and enhance your burden, which my inner voice and soul hardly will allow. Let us first bring your life in positive track and you will surely have sufficient opportunity to honour me”. Salute, by heart!

Mr Balwinder Singh, Civil Engineer, Patiala

Advices lended via “Vastu- cafe”, are very practical and services “so genuine”, it really touched my heart, bound to make client’s happy. Doing a great job! I have already recommended them to my friends.

Ms Meghna Patil, Artist, Pune